What is “Running Positive Girl”?

‘Running Positive Girl’ started during the 2016 Rio Olympics. As usual, I was completely hooked, annoying my friends to no end with live updates, and feeling seriously inspired to work hard and get really fit. I’m seeing a lot of other people posting about wanting to start running, or swimming, or find a soccer league too, and I wanted to create this space keep this motivation up. It’s so easy to let the Olympics (or New Years Resolutions, or Super Bowls, or…) pass and not actually do anything about that inspiration. This blog will hopefully hold me accountable for continuing to work out and meet my goals, even when the motivation levels drop.

I should introduce myself as well, and make a confession.


My name is Taylor, I’m a mid-20 year old from Massachusetts. I work in arts and humanities, so absolutely nothing to do with fitness or medicine. The confession is that I’m not coming into this blog out of shape, so I apologize if you thought I was a complete beginner. I’m pretty active actually, I run 2-3 times per week, I go to yoga every Friday. What inspires me about the Olympics is striving for improvement. I usually just go run at a comfortable pace and feel like that’s enough. What I want now is to add new activities (swimming, biking, rock climbing, and others) and meet some time goals. My best 5K time is probably around 30 minutes or so (I literally never keep track of my official race times either, which I’d like to start doing), I’d like to run it in 25 minutes. I’m going to keep a page of goals and benchmarks, so check in there for updated goals and accomplishments!

What do you mean by “Liminal Spaces”?

Liminality : of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition.

First developed in the 20th century by Arnold van Gennep, the liminal phase of a ritual is the intermediary part, representing a period of transition between stages. It is a space of uncertainty, where previous identities and norms have been destroyed and new ones are in the process of being developed.

Wikipedia Page – for Beginners

Link to van Gennep’s Actual Book – for the Nerds

This is what happens when you take an anthropology/history student and turn her into a fitness blogger.