New Shoe Time!

I got new shoes! But I probably should have done so a looong time ago.

I am very terrible at tracking how long I’ve had shoes, and how many miles I’ve clocked in them. I don’t even remember when I first got my lovely bright blue Mizunos. Last summer I started realizing they were breaking down and I could really feel the road. Not great. So I brought them to field school, figuring I’d trash them after digging around in the mud for a month.

Ye served me well, Blues

But then I didn’t.

Laziness, mostly, kept me from buying new shoes. Until my left heel seriously started hurting last week. Wah. I used to be a pretty intense ballet dancer, so while I have excellent ankles, I have terrible arches. I broke out the good old tennis ball and headed to my favorite fitness store, right across from the Boston Public Library (hint hint) and got an updated pair of Mizunos, bright purple this time!

Don’t be like me. Get new shoes before everything starts hurting. A good tip from the guy helping me: write the date you got the shoes on the tongue in sharpie! Also, you can add your shoes in your running app. I finally figured out how to add shoes to Strava! I’ll get a convenient alarm when I hit 300 miles.

Huzzah! Back to running! (Especially now that the snow is melting!)


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