Race: NPS Virtual 10K

I’m coming in just under the wire for this one. I signed up for the NPS 100th Birthday 10K back at the beginning of the month and kept intending to complete it but kept getting distracted. I only have two days to submit a time so today was really the last day I could do it!

A virtual race was interesting, but I don’t know if I’ll sign up for many more. I’m really happy with my time (01:06:27), which is only a couple minutes slower than my BAA 10K time from June, despite the traffic lights and construction and other road blocks on my route. But then I realized how much better my time could have been. Wah.

But the time wasn’t the point of the race, the point was to celebrate the National Park Service! The National Park system in this country is so special and encompasses so many beautiful places. I’ve been fortunate to visit so many of the National Parks, the last major one being Zion National Park in Utah.


But there are so many more I want to visit! Including, embarrassingly, the one closest to me.


I have literally lived in Quincy, MA for approximately 20 years (almost my entire life) and I have never been to the Adams house. I am super obsessed with John Quincy Adams, I study early American history, and I have never been in this house! Despite driving past it to go to work when I was in high school! It’s getting to be a bit of a running joke with my friends. I also think that it’s at a point where I can’t go inside, because I’ll threaten the fabric of the universe or something.

Or not. I’ll definitely get there one day, but today I’ll suffice with simply jogging past on my 10K route.


And yes I was wearing my Team USA soccer jersey 🙂

Happy birthday, National Park Service!


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