A Mile in a (Downgraded) Storm

Today I decided to test my mile time in a hurricane!



Okay, so Hermine was downgraded long before she reached New England. It did wreak some havoc on the Cape, but I live on the South Shore so it wasn’t that bad. Just driving rain, gusting winds. Walking home last night, with the sky getting darker and the wind picking up, and pumpkin beer tucked under my arm, it really felt like fall! Fall is my favorite season but I’m not quite ready for the Fall/Winter running routine. (That involves so many more clothes that haven’t been pulled out of storage yet.) Lucky for me, the temp should pick up later in the week and today I decided to forgo a longer run and just test my mile time.

In the rain.


I did pretty well though! Though I’m not 100% sure which time I should ‘count’ as my current benchmark for the mile.  I would love to take the split time (7:49) but sometime tells me that’s too fast and has to be a mistake. The :30 between the split time and the finish time could have come from the time it took to properly store my phone in my rain jacket pocket after I started the tracker, and the reverse once I stopped, but I still feel like that’s a lot of time for just putting my phone away/getting it out. I should probably count it as the 8:24 duration time to be safe. Does anyone have any good advice on which time is an accurate prediction of my mile time?

Whichever time it ends up being, it is much faster than any mile time on those ‘Presidential Fitness Tests’ we had to do as kids! A good starting point, either way.


And next time I do this, I won’t do it in a hurricane. 😉


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