Closing Rio 2016

As I watched the Closing Ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics, I’m definitely feeling sad that it’s over. But I’m left with a few moments that will stick with me as motivation through the next few years.

Abbey D’Agostino’s Smile

I think everyone felt this one. I was actually up, watching it live. Abbey is also from Massachusetts so my brother and I were watching this race pretty closely, so we saw her go down. (And down and down…they replayed it a lot.) The most shared photograph is when she’s on the ground, when she and Hamblin were helping each other up, but for me the real gold moment of the race was the end. She staggered across the finish line to embrace Hamblin, and despite the face that she had been seriously injured and had been lapped, she had a huge smile on her face.


Crying forever.

Katie Ledecky’s Focus

I got so into swimming this year, watching Katie Ledecky smash world records and Simone Manuel make history and Michael Phelps finish his career was such a great story. But what really inspired me was this New York Times article, where they talked about male swimmers getting upset in training when Katie beat them.

When I asked Ledecky about this, she claimed not to have noticed. “I was probably just concentrating on doing my own work,” she said.

Keep your head down and focus on your own practice as if there’s no one else in the room.




Ashton Eaton and Brianne Thiesen-Eaton. Also known as #TeamNorthAmerica or “That cute couple from the Visa commercial.” They are so adorable and supportive of one another and everyone who criticized Ashton for supporting Canada, get out. I stalked them on twitter for a solid hour during decathlon coverage and let me tell you, they are adorable and I hope someday to have a relationship with someone who shares my interests and supports me as much as these two. ❤

Honorable Mentions 

I only have time to do a top three, but there were so many other amazing, inspiring athletes! Including Simone Manuel (I’m so happy for her), Fu Hanhui (a joy), Usain Bolt + Andre De Grasse’s buddy cop movie (please), Brazil’s soccer win (congrats!), and so many more! I’m so sad it’s over but we’re now down to a little over two weeks until the start of the Paralympics and 534 days until Winter 2018!!


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